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Learn how we improved our customer's ROI by 51.2%

The Problem

Weak conversion rates on travel sites due to low tourism interest on a global scale.

Our Influence

We carried out an observation and reviewed the time a customer spends from the point he reaches the website to the point he converts and purchases a package. Next, we carried out a comparative check and  analyzed how many times customers viewed the website between their first access to the site and the feedback at the completion of the consumer journey, and from which platforms they were redirected to the website

We discovered the blended strategy for the tourism industry that we marketed, which included vital information like when to promote to a potential customer and when to retarget an audience that has already seen the advertising and website before. We have shown that there is a disparity in the purchasing times (how many days the customer took to buy) and the purchase networks (where the customers came from between the various time frames and destinations). That’s why we launched a campaign customized to match every location that the tourism industry chose to support.

The result

An increase in the conversion rate on the site by 35.4% compared to the previous year. We also increased the return on investment of the business by 51.2%!

Improving conversion rate over last year
Improving ROI compared last year

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