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This is how we caused the opening of two classes in a semester instead of a class every two semester

The Problem

The College faced challenges with enrollment and participation for open courses in every class and enrollment semester. 

Our Influence

We have produced a variety of publications which have been reported on the most influential media platforms in the country. We administered a survey with 500 prospective clients and used their opinions and answers to produced additional engaging articles and posts. The articles highlighted the standard of the college and commented graduates who managed to transition into the workforce and exceled very soon after finishing their degree . Articles and blogs were targeted and sent to the potential students and relevant age segments .

Once accessing the college website, prospects “entered” our remarketing campaign, where we provided the university insights as per the field of research the prospect was looking for. The retargeting took on aspects that were meant  to demonstrate the level of the college’s expertise for those that are looking to become professionals in the fields the college teaches and provides

The result

A significant rise in the organic usage of the website and the number of subscribers. Users who have obtained insights have accessed the platform on their own and signed up to courses cutting out the need for academic counsel or client relations . Two additional subjects were added to the teaching silabus due to new acquired demand. A waiting list is now common in some teaching semesters.
Rise in the number of subscribers
Rise in the number of organic usrers

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