A Network of Cosmetic Salons

This is how we reduced the cost of lead by more than 70%

The Problem

Costly leads, lack of understanding which advertising channel each lead comes from
Unequal distribution of leads among the branches (some of the branches received very few leads and some of the institutes were overloaded and could not respond to customers which hurt the service and reviews of the brand)
cosmetic care

Our Influence

We carried out a smart study using heat maps to understand the customers that are visiting the Salons using actual foot traffic measurements. We also analyzed the hours that are most probable to successfully engage clientele on each media type. 

We performed extensive word analysis on about 10 fields of activity and fully reconstructed the current campaign on the Google Search Network.

We also accompanied an app to a dedicated CRM scheme, so that any consumer who came across online ads can be identified with the same campaign he was introduced to. This activity has allowed us to consider which campaigns are going well and which are not. 

The result

We doubled the actual in store foot traffic, reduced waisted advertising costs and raised the monthly leads by more than 70%. We have also ensured a more equal allocation of leads between the different salons in the network region helping sustain branches that had a difficult time scaling to new costumers.

Decrease in lead cost
Raised the monthly leads

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