Privacy Policy

1. About DiaqAi`s Services

DiaqAI provides marketing & advertising services for our clients (Advertisers).

Our services show our customers advertisements, to people that are expected to find them of interest.

As a Tech company we strive to make advertising relevant to consumers. To do so we show ads based on specific interests of consumers. We provide these ads on publishers (Websites, Apps, Etc.) Ad spaces. By such, in many cases, we support free content consumed by customers daily. We aim to make these ads more useful and relevant to consumers by showing ads that are best tied to their specific interest areas. 


2. Data we collect 

The following information may be collected for the purposes described hereunder. We do not deliberately collect personal information that can reveal your identity. As a substitute, we collect various data aspects about your mobile and computer such as cookies and similar technologies as stated: 

  • Digital activity: Browsing activity on websites or apps such as web pages visited, which creative banners where clicked on a page, time spent viewing a website, items purchased and downloaded items.
  • Device Info: Technical info regarding devices such as: Ip address, cookies, OS version, Browser type, Advertising Identifiers etc.
  • Advertising info: statistical and cumulative information regarding media and creative that was served or attended to be presented to you, including the app and pages the media appears on. 
  • Customer ID: We receive data from digital advertising partners and use a unique internal random ID to help recognize you across different data sets. The Identifiers we receive are pseudonymous which helps us identify your browser or device but does not directly identify a real identity. 
  • Locations: We may receive location data (GPS, triangulation etc.) from supply partners and sources. Although we may process precise data the publisher (app/website/media supply) are responsible to enable you with the ability to provide or withdraw from sending location data or the ability to use such data. Should you want to change this you should look up the relevant settings on your device and change your location preference.

3. How data is used

Generally we use data to help Advertisers categorize, identify and serve ads that are more relevant to consumers. Similarly, data is used to improve and enhance our services by modeling and calculating better advertising propositions for our advertising partners and clients with the ultimate goal of serving the most relevant ads to our audiences and improve their conversion rate.  

We use identifiers and data to:

  • Frequency Capping – calculating the number of ads shown to you to make sure you do not receive the same ad too frequently
  • Order targeting – To make sure multiple ads of the same (or more) campaigns are sequenced to you correctly 
  • Targeting – Showing ads that are likely to be more relevant to consumers based on previous interest of their device. 
  • Cross Device – Matching consumers across devices that are likely to be associated with them so we can schedule, target and frequency cap ads. Cross Device helps us to not show you ads you have already seen.
  • Reports –  We use Identifiers and data as part of our statistical performance metrics. Our reports include metrics such as: Clicks and Conversions, Impressions, Sales, Installs etc.
  • Attribution – The measurement of influence on a campaign by calculating the price ads have been sold. 
  • Security – we may use data for security purposes. 
  • Troubleshooting– We may use data to improve our services and functionality.


The Data we receive is aggregated for campaigns although at spells can also be viewed at a granular level. We have customers that use precise and granular data for their ad metrics. We try to provide our customers with the best available methods so they can succeed with their advertising campaigns. 


4. Legal 

We do our best to comply with the privacy regulations including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will place with best effort, mechanisms to ensure consumers’ privacy is protected. GDPR is specific to people living in EEA countries & Switzerland and we will do our utmost to make sure we adhere and comply with regulations regarding people from this regions. Please take note if you are not from these regions some of the below may not apply.

Normally we will collect personal data where the processing of such data is in our legitimate business interest so we can help and serve our clients and fulfil our contractual obligation to them.

We collect and process personal data based on consent. Advertising partners are required to gain consent or have a legal basis for receiving data we collect. Our clients and advertising partners are responsible according to their laws to comply with their privacy guidelines and GDPR regulations. 

For Further information regarding the legal basis by which we collect your data, or if you wish to opt out – contact


5. Disclosure of data

We may disclose data to:

  • Service providers – We have contracted with companies that provide us with vital services for our business, for example: Ads fraud prevention, website hosting, data hosting, marketing, reporting, billing and support.
  • Advertisers – We may share information with advertisers digital platforms or properties such as their Website, App or Ads you have visited or interacted with. 
  • Authorities – Whether due to legal obligation to do so (court order) or to support authorities (own) legal interest in our data we may provide data to authorities. We may also disclose data if it is necessary to defend the legal rights of DiaqAi or associated companies.
  • Legal process – To provide any applicable law, legal process, government agency or proper governmental request.
  • Explore, Investigate misconduct and protect ourselves, related companies or third parties – We hold the right to use data to investigate any wrongdoing, including but not limited to: violation of our terms and conditions, Policies, Violation of Law, Crime or any potential harm whether tangible or not.
  • Related companies – We may pass data to our subsidiaries or associated companies however they will only process the data according to this privacy notice and disclaimer.
  • Advertisers service providers : Some of our advertisers contract with companies that handle the data for them such as managing CRM`s or customer leads.
  • Sale of our business – We may disclose data if a third party is interested in acquiring part or all our company including during due diligence presiding’s and preparations. 


6. Cookies 

Our platform uses tracking pixels, cookies and other technologies to offer our products and services for Advertisers. Cookies are files that are stored on your device.

Cookies help us recognize you when you interact online with digital assets so we can serve you with the most relevant ads. At times we may also place cookies from advertising partners for the same purpose mentioned. 

To facilitate with GDPR regulations we may place a DiaqAi cookie with a opt-out value so we can recognize your consent choices. 


7. Consent choices & opt-out

Recognizing your online privacy is important we provide the options hereunder so you can control what data we can use and how ads are targeted to you.

  • Opt-out directly by emailing us with such a request to
  • To opt-out of mobile – 
    • IOS (7+) – Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking”
    • Android – Google Settings app > Ads > Enable “Opt out of interest-based advertising”
  • When Opting-out we will delete any information or device related to you. However you may still find in some cases our cookie in a different browser or device since we do not know this is you and the system perceives it as a different person. 
  • When receiving personal ads you can click the blue icon (when applicable) that appears in the top corner of the ad. Please note that as this is browser based and relies on a consent cookie being placed on your device that if your cookies are deleted that you may need to opt out again. 
  • Please see the following alliances that promote the ability to opt-out of other services :
  • Although you may have opt-out your browser may still send certain data such as IP`s however this data is secluded and will not be used to personalize ads and can only be used for fraud detection, legal requirements or by request of authorities. 

Attention – Opting out does not prevent from seeing ads, however ads will probably be of less relevance to you since they won’t be personalised to your interests. The ads may be randomly generated or based on other non-specific data.


8. Data Retention

We may hold data we collect for ad targeting  in a way that is compatible with & relevant for the purpose for which it was collected, if not relevant then we will take action to remove it . We may retain data on behalf of clients such as their contact info and we will delete it upon client’s request.

Personal data received for other purposes is held until no longer needed for business purposes. We do are best effort to anonymize the data and encrypt it.


9. Security

We strongly believe that your data should be kept securely, and we are taking reasonable measures to make sure it is so. As required by our service providers and by law we uphold to common security standards. We encrypt data at rest and apply technical and organizational security practices to protect our systems. We manage all access to our system and take steps to make sure no unauthorized access is enabled to data.


10. Transferring Intl.

Information collected will be transferred to other countries for the purpose of storage and processing according to where are servers reside or to the countries our advertisers operate from. These countries may not have the same data standards and laws as some of your countries. 

We may transfer the information we collect about you to countries (including the United States of America) other than the country where we originally collected it for the purposes of storage and processing of data and operating our services. In general, these countries will be the countries in which we, our Advertisers, or our or their service providers operate. We make sure that while these countries may have different laws we still protect the information as described in this privacy notice, when necessary, we ensure that the transfer Intl. complies with applicable law.

As such you agree to have your data transferred to other countries based on above.


11. Additional rights for EEA residents

For EEA residence:

  • You can restrict some or all the processing of your personal data. You are welcome to exercise your rights by contacting us via our contact page or through
  • You have the right to view, update, correct or delete your personal information. 
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time. Consent withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we did prior to you consent withdrawal. Withdrawal will not affect or mark the processing of your personal data and information collected & handled in regard and reliance to legal processing grounds, Legal authorities or security requests.
  • If you are unable to find answers to your questions on our site you can contact our Data Protection Officer at
  • Please note – We act as processors of information and do not have direct relationships with individuals whose data we process. Our data is received from advertising clients and partners you should send any request for amendment, delete or retrieving to respective advertisers or partners. 


13. Contact us 

For any questions please contact us at